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Submitted by k6vcr on Mon, 03/13/2023 - 14:11
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All Day Hunt Results
Last month (Jan 23) I was asked to fill in for WA6CYY’s hide. This month I was asked to fill in for WB6MGT. I must have
become the official fill-in hider for the All Day hunts.
I do have several hide scenarios ready in case I should actually win a hunt. I kept checking the weather. It seems one of
the largest storms with the lowest snow levels was about to rain on my parade err hide. I had one area all planned out but
decided there would be too much rain there (1”) so I looked for an area that would have less rain. The low desert looked
promising, but it would require a lead-in T.
For the lead in T I pick my go-to area west of Banning. Setting up the T (4W, 3 elem measurement tape beam) was
challenging in the cold, rain, and breeze. When the hunters arrived at the site it was snowing.
The next T would be on “Whitewater hill” as I call it. It is where the windmills are just NE of the Whitewater exit on i10. I
was on my way up the hill when I spotted some new signs – Private Property. Something always seems to go wrong. I
decided to try a couple of Ts in Banning and hope the Ts to the east could be heard from them.
T10 (50 mW) was strapped to a fence at the west end of West Gilman St in north Banning that is off San Gorgonio Ave.
T4 (50 mW) was in a turnout on Hwy 243.
I returned to the Whitewater exit and found a dirt road going west. I progressed a little way down the road, through two
ponds, and hid T8 (.5W).
The next stop was part way up Edon Hill, north of Thousand Palms. There I hid T5 (50 mW) and could hear T4. The rain
had stopped at this location.
The last T (T3, .5W) was hid in a field north of Palm Springs.
Only 2 hunters showed up for this hunt, N6MI and KI6RRX.
Picking up the Ts proved to be cold (38 – 43 degrees), wet, and windy.

                 T1       T11       T8       T5      T4
KI6RXX 11:44   12:45   3:27   4:51   6:58
Winner    55       64        91        116     154

            T1        T5       T8
N6MI 11:44   4:36   5:10
             57        142     165

1st Place
2nd Place
Scott N6MI