Hunt Results

Type of Hunt (field_type_of_hunt)
Hunt Date Title Type of Hunt
Lake Elsinore All Day Hunt
Not Blossom Valley or Crest San Diego Evening Hunt 1st & 3rd Saturdays
In Between All-night Hunt
To many T-9s hunt Meathead Hunt
**CANCELED** Fullerton Hunt (3rd Sat)
Juniper Flats Mini All Day
Westcliff Park hunt Fullerton Hunt (3rd Sat)
August 28th Malibu All Day Hunt All Day Hunt
ALL DAY 5-22-21 All Day Hunt
Mini All Day – 24 April 2021 Mini All Day
All Day Mar 27, 2021 All Day Hunt
WB6HPW Hide February 27 All-night Hunt
January 2021 Meathead Hunt Meathead Hunt