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On November 24 (Friday), N6MI, Scott, and AF6O, Jim, hid six transmitters in a line along 6N07 in the Angeles National Forest. This popular dirt road is about 14.4 miles long, with entrance(s) to the south of Bouquet Canyon road. The road runs from the northeast to the southwest. The more northerly entrance is near the Bouquet Reservoir. Another entrance is about 6.5 miles to the southwest, also along Bouquet Canyon road.

There are many intersecting dirt roads (such as the Rowher trail). The off-road area is popular with jeep clubs and dirt motorcycle fans.

From east to west...

Near Mount McDill (the east side of 6N07), N6MI T02 ran 30 watts to a four element yagi in a bush. The antenna was pointed southeast (back to the normal Diamond Bar start point).

N6MI T29 ran a few microwatts to a short whip, about 150 feet to the east of T02.

About 2.9 miles to the west of T02, N6MI T03 ran two watts into a four element yagi in a bush, pointed southeast.

About one mile west of the intersection of 6N07 and 5N18, N6MI T9 ran a few milliwatts into a whip (tied behind a road sign saying "no motor vehicles").

A few miles west, N6MI T22 ran five watts into a quad, pointed southeast. This was near a parking spot on the road.

Perhaps another mile west (close to the west end of 6N07), N6MI (no number) ran two watts into a vertical.

KI6RXX, Greg, came out on Friday from Oceanside. He heard N6MI T02 (weakly) at the Pathfinder starting point in Diamond Bar and gave a bearing of 8 degrees. Greg had to work on Saturday and quit on Friday night when he was next to Bouquet Reservoir. (No transmitters were found.)

K6VCR, Tom, and KE6PHB, Joe, came up from San Diego. They heard five transmitters and found two of them (N6MI T02 and N6MI T29).

WA6RJN, Doug, came from Simi Valley. He found five transmitters but missed N6MI T9. Most likely, T9's weak signal was covered up by other signals when Doug was driving by.

WB6HPW, Paul, come from the San Gabriel Valley. He found all six transmitters before dark, protected his quad from a very low tree, and performed a celebration dance on top of Mount McDill. Paul is the winner and will be hiding in April. Paul used only one eighth of a tank of gas on this hunt.

Thank you for your bearings, APRS tracks, and communications during the hunt.


N6MI and AF6O

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