Hwy 74 / Lake Elsinore

Submitted by k6vcr on Sun, 01/28/2024 - 11:10
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On January 27, 2024, J. Scott Bovitz (N6MI) and Jim Forsyth (AF6O) hid the end of the month transmitter hunt.

 This was a traditional start (Diamond Bar) at 10:00 a.m. The weather was perfect -- mid 70s in the day, sunny, with a few clouds dancing around.

 There were six transmitters on 146.565 MHz. The starting teams reported a bearing of about 25 degrees. Three transmitters were heard at the start point (about S1).

 WB6HPW/N6PL drove up to the 10 freeway (and then east) before learning that the true signal was to the south.

 WA6RJN drove east on the 60 until he picked up the southern signal in Chino. RJN spent some time with reflections in the valleys.

 KF6GQ/KD6LAJ drove right to the area (of course).

 The first transmitter (N6MI T9) was in the first high elbow on Highway 74, near Lakeland Village (just west of Lake Elsinore).  This ran a few milliwatts into a whip. It was located at ground level in the rocks. This transmitter could only be heard for about a quarter of a mile. WB6HPW/N6PL and WA6RJN signed in, but the RJN signature was dated 2020.

 The second transmitter (AF6O T9) was located a few miles further west on Highway 74. This ran about three watts into a medium whip antenna. This transmitter was in the rocks at the far end of a turnout. AF6O T9 could be heard for many miles. This location was popular with tourists (taking selfies with the lake in the background). WB6HPW/N6PL and WA6RJN signed in.

 The third transmitter (N6MI T02) was placed less than a mile north on the El Cariso Trail (near the intersection of North Main Divide and Highway 74). This ran one watt into a four element yagi, vertically polarized, pointed at San Jacinto. The road was dirt, but we saw a Tesla driving over the ruts with no problem. WB6HPW/N6PL, KF6GQ/KD6LAJ, and WA6RJN found this transmitter. KF6GQ reports that the road continues (down) to the north, but it is of questionable quality.

 The fourth transmitter (N6MI T03) was placed a few miles north of North Main Divide and Highway 74 (at the side of a muddy parking spot on North Main Divide). This ran 30 watts into a quad pointed at San Jacinto. This transmitter was getting back to the start point through a reflection (San Jacinto to Mount Baldy to Diamond Bar). WB6HPW/N6PL, KF6GQ/KD6LAJ, and WA6RJN found this transmitter.

 The fifth transmitter (N6MI) was placed in a notch in the road on the North Main Divide. It ran two watts into a log periodic pointed at San Jacinto. WB6HPW/N6PL, KF6GQ/KD6LAJ, and WA6RJN found this transmitter.

 The sixth transmitter (tones-AF6O T9) was placed in the bushes at the microwave site near Blue Jay campground. The transmitter ran 17 watts into a four element yagi pointed at San Jacinto. There was a mountain blocking the direct signal from this site back to the starting point. WB6HPW/N6PL, KF6GQ/KD6LAJ, and WA6RJN found this transmitter. 

 We were able to visit with all the hunters during the event. Nice.

 The judges disqualified WA6RJN's signature at N6MI T9 (because it was from an old sign in sheet) and the hiders pulled this transmitter off the air before RJN could sign in again. (Sorry. That won't happen again.) So WB6PHW/N6PL are the winners and will hide in May.

 Thank you for coming out.


N6MI and AF6O

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