January 2021 Meathead Hunt

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Tom K6VCR & Bruce K6AUW
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Hello from Tom and Bruce!


Six teams started and finished the hunt. The main transmitter was on a heading of 156 degrees from the Pathfinder start point. Several teams heard the signal, some did not. The transmitter was located on the west side of Fiesta Island on Mission Bay in San Diego and running 175 watts into a 17 element horizontal beam pointed at Catalina Island. N6MI heard the bounce and proceeded south on I-5. Everyone else headed down I-15. One transmitter, an AF6O box iding in code as T-5 was placed in Marion Baer Park just east of I-5 on the south side of I-52. Those that came down I-15 didn't hear it and picked it up on their way home. Three other transmitters (one of which failed) were placed in a triangle surrounding the main T on peninsulas that required driving. The first hunters arrived at the main transmitter about 1:45 and trickled in until 5:30. The rain cooperated fine for the hiders giving us clear skies most of the day (including teardown).


Winner with 4 T's and 156 miles is Ron, WA6CYY

Second with 4 T's and 165 miles is Scott, N6MI

Third with 4 T's but no recorded mileage is Greg, KI6RXX and Bill, KM6ORF from San Diego

Finding three T's were the teams KF6GQ and KA6TAS (his lovely wife Lynn), WA6RJN and WB6HPW


Thanks for coming out in the rain!

1st Place
2nd Place
Scott N6MI
3rd Place
Greg KI6RXX and Bill KM6ORF
4th Place
5th Place
6th Place