Mini All Day – 24 April 2021

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T-Hunt Results for Mini All Day – 24 April 2021


Unsure if he would be able to hide, KA6UDZ asked N6ZHZ & KD6CYG if they might be willing to hide for him.  They agreed.  As Scott was able to hide as well, the two teams hid a total of 5 transmitters around Table Mountain, up Hwy 2, on 4N21, and down by Sheep Creek below Wrightwood. 


We took the coordinates for 4 of the transmitters: 

T1 was a short hike off a turnout on Table Mountain:  34°22.8905 x 117°41.4372

T2 was a short walk along 4N21.  This T did ID very quietly but almost no one heard it ID.  Sorry, didn’t get the coordinates.

T3 was somewhere in the Twilight Zone, west of Sheep Creek below Wrightwood.  Coordinates:  34°22.6576 x 117°36.7367

T4 was farther down the winding, narrow 4N21, about 75 ft from the road.  It was at 34°22.7403 x 117°41.0295

T5 was in a hollow tree near the top of Hwy 2, at a large turnout.  The coordinates were  34°22.7284 x 117°42.2845


WINNER: WA6RJN with a total of 85 Miles – He will hide the next Mini All Day, which will be the 4th Saturday, October 23rd, 2021.


TEAM                               T1 (Main)       T2 (Quiet)     T3 (Twilight Zone)    T4 (Hollow Tree)    T5  (4N21 past Quiet T)                  Total Miles

WINNER: WA6RJN             77    2:04          78    1:54              68   12:50                80   2:33                      85     3:00   85


2ND:  WB6HPW                  76.9   1:54       94.2   3:21           69.3  1:12                87    4:42                     77.7   2:17   94.2


3RD:   K6VCR & K6AUW     77    1:00          78     1:30             70   12:23                82     2:10                    97.4   4:55   97.4


4TH:   KI6RXX                       84.2   1:16       86.4  1:32            76.5  12:23              86.2    2:12                  97.8   4:55   97.8


5TH:   KF6GQ & KD6LAJ     75.5   12:50     75.8  1:28            99.1  4:03                78.8   2:00                   96.6   3:50   99.1


6TH:   N6MI                          103   1:56         112   2:40            121   4:03                115    3:10                   109    2:18   121


7TH: WA6CYY                       Found 2:54     Found 3:34          DNF                          Found  2:25                DNF        Unofficial


8TH: KA6UDZ                        DNF                  DNF                      Found 2:20              DNF                              Found  2:30   Unofficial


Note: It is fair to note that T3 (hidden in the Twilight Zone at the base of a wandering Joshua Tree) apparently took an interdimensional slip somewhere between  4:03 pm (last hiders to find it were KF6GQ & KD6LAJ), and 4:45pm when ZHZ & CYG went to pick it up.  It quit transmitting.  Sorry about that, but you know how things are in the Twilight Zone.  So it is possible that CYY never heard it if it was the final T he was looking for on his way down from the mountain.  He was unofficial, though he did sign in to most T’s. 

While setting out T 2 and helping to set up T 1, KA6UDZ went hunting for a couple of the other ZHZ mini Ts.


All seemed to have a good time, except perhaps for those who realized they had to go back and revisit 4N21 twice, to find T5 – several hundred yards further down the narrow road from T2.  Thanks for the great turnout – good to see everybody out on the hunt! 


Bob, N6ZHZ and Cathy KD6CYG

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