Cajon Pass Stomping Grounds

Submitted by k6vcr on Wed, 03/29/2023 - 13:17
Type of Hunt
Hunt Date
Don KF6GQ, Lynn KA6TAS, Steve KD6LAJ and Clint KM6KHT
Hunt Story

WA6RJN  Order T found    Time found  Miles         KI6RXX  Order T found   Time found   Miles

                        T7                     11:40              52.0                    T77                                12:13              48.3

                        T12                    15:03             64.0                    T5                                  13:34             51.4

                    Main T T9            16:00            68.0                    T12                                15:03             65.7

                         T5                      18:40            79.0                    T7                                  16:00             71.2

                         T77                    18:54             80.0              Main T T9                         17:02             78.3

                         T16                    19:45             85.0                   T16                                 17:42             80.8

                         T14                    20:47            86.5                    T14                                 18:55             86.5

                        Total  9:07**                                                       Total 6:42** 

    **   Total time from first T to last T

Since the total miles for each team is the same, we will use the

time elapsed  between first T found and last T found to determine winner.

Making the winner   Drum Roll !!!!!!!!!!!!!! KI6RXX

Steve KD6LAJ and his friend Clint KM6KHT helped Don KF6GQ & Lynn KA6TAS hide this hunt in the Cajon pass area.

T locations as hunter would pass if doing the shortest way possible .

T7 under the I15 Frwy @ 34.2783, -117.4511.

T12 Next to Mormon Rocks near Union Pacific Railroad Tracks @ 34.3186, -117.4941.

T9 Main T running about 2 watts to 4 el. beam facing Mt. Baldy @ 34.3214, -117.4282.

T14 micro T tied to steel fence post about .1 mile from T9 @ 34.3213, -117.4289.

T16 micro T about 1 mile from T9, line of sight across valley, 3 set of railroad tracks @ 34.3332, -117.4235.

T77 old AF6O box running 2 watts just south of Summit Inn T hunter bearing taking place @ 34.3599, -117.4324.

T5  a Byonics MicroFox PicCon Running .5 watts to a vertical near the I15 Frwy on frontage road about .5 north of T77 @ 34.3706, -117.4245.

The weather was great, too bad more couldn’t of made it out, and thanks for both Greg & Doug for braving 

the hunt knowing that one of them would be winning. And thanks for both hunters for picking up the used T’s

after the hunt, so I wouldn’t have to come back on Sunday. See you all next month. 

Clint, Steve, Lynn, and Don



1st Place
2nd Place